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Things I love!

Some of the things that I love are watching my clients grow up and idyllic country locations!   With this family I get both!

Here are those same cuties in 2006!

And in 2007!
And in 2009!

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Modern Headshots

I had tons of fun working with Hope to get some great images for her to use in her new Real Estate career.  What a great way to present yourself to current and future clients!  I love working with adults as well as children and families!  Please contact me for custom headshot and business photography!

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As a custom photographer, I also offer many services beyond children and family portraiture.  I love working with adults and helping them to create images that help them promote their business is a professional and creative way!  The benefit of working with a custom photographer for your headshots are many.  First, is time.  I’m willing...

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My Own Children Occasionally Step In Front of the Camera Too!

I try to do 2 sessions a year with my own kids.  Some years I get both.  Some years it goes miserably wrong.  This year our fall session worked out pretty well though.  We went to Hancock Shaker Village and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  While my younger two still give me some trouble, I managed to get...

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2011 Roundup!

Thank you so much to all of my 2011 clients!  It’s been a great year at Teresa Rieder Photography and I couldn’t ask for better clients!

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